Message from the Group CEO
Unixon will present the highest satisfaction
with an advanced challenge and a passion
Unixon has been established in Australia 2011 based on a wholesale distribution Business. Since then, we have been achieving steady growth every year in our primary fields of production, While our high-quality merchandises have led the industry,
we have aimed changes into opportunities by actively dealing with changes in the business environment. We will continue to look back on our past with pride while continuing to maintain growth by looking toward the future with an innovative spirit. Also, Unixon has a flexible organisational culture based on trust and honesty.
We were able to achieve outstanding growth because our executives are always passionately involved in their roles and duties. We encourage all executives to think creatively, creating a working environment that all workers can be immersed in with passion. Based on our flexible business approach, Unixon will extend its efforts to be a leading global company by supporting our dedicated employees to extract their full potentials.

January, 2019
James Jin
President and Group CEO
Unixon Vision
Unixon History
05 Participated in NMW 2014 EXPO in Australia
03 Acquired ETL certification
02 Acquired PSE certification
01 Applied patent for ”Non-stripping Multi-connection Cam type connector”

12 Applied Trademark “JOW”, JOWX”
11 Exhibitor on ”LDI Show 2013” in Las Vegas, USA
11 The releasing Dual type of e-clamp
08 Made second patent registration of e-clamp
05 Texas State University, U.S.-selected as consulting service provider for marketing support in U.S.
05 Participated in “2013 Japan Equipment & Materials Fair”
05 Participated in Hanoi Exhibition in Vietnam
05 Registered Chinese patent (ZL 201010248096 4)
05 Participated in “2013 Smart Grid Exhibition”
05 Applied 7th patent for “terminal for wire jointing connectors”
04 Selected to lead a project to bolster export capabilities in 2013
01 Participated in “2013 Japan LED Exhibition”

12 Made international PCT application for “electric device connector”
11 Applied 6th patent for “camera-type(CAM-I, T-type) wire jointing connector”
11 Applied design for “electric device connector”
11 Applied 5th patent for “electric device connector”
11 Participated in “2012 World Korean Business Convention”
10 Participated in “2012 Korea Electronics Show”
10 Exhibitor on “Electrical Engineering Exhibition in Berlin, Germany 2012”
08 Registered Japanese patent(no. 5058286)
08 Acquired NEP(new product) certificate (nEp-mKE-2012-024)
07 Applied Design Patent and 2nd patent on International PCT
06 Exhibitor on “UK Elex 2012(The Electricians’ Exhibition) in Manchester”
05 Acquired CE approval
05 Exhibitor on “Korean Defence non-arms system 2012”
03 Made fourth patent registration of e-clamp
03 Test report from KESCO
(Korea Electrical Safety Corporation)
01 Patent Registration in USA (No. US8062056)

12 Official approval with test report from Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL)
12 Silver medallist on “Korean Invention Awards 2011”
09 Exhibitor on “Tokyo Electrical/Electronic Equipments Industry 2011”
09 Developed 2.5 Generation of e-Clamp
06 Exhibitor on “Shanghai International Electrical Equipments 2011”
05 Exhibitor on “Korean Defence non-arms system 2011”
02 3rd Patent registration in Korea

12 Achieved 2nd Version of e-Clamp
10 e-Clamp 2nd registration in Korea
09 2010 Preferred purchase order from Korean governments and public organizations
08 Invited as “Advanced Invention” to the Korean presidential office
08 Development of first generation products
07 Registering Trademark “Tik-Tok”
03 e-Clamp, International PCT and applied International Patents to 6 nations
(USA. UK, Germany, Japan, China, Australia)
03 ISO 9001, ISO14001 approval.
02 “e-Clamp”, firstly, domestic patent registration in Korea.
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