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Quality in every step - Decoline
DecoLine is a national provider of premium commercial and residential floor coverings. With an extensive and stylish range of high-quality vinyl flooring(LVT) & SPC(Stone Plastic Composite), we've become the leaders in the industry due to our commitment to producing unique, attractive and hard-wearing flooring.
Decoline is a luxury vinyl flooring manufacturer offering a diverse range of stylish products with excellent customer service or commercial use we always offers a luxury solution for the ultimate in natural-looking vinyl flooring.
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Shift of sleep culture paradigm
The quality of sleeping can be improved.
Correct posture and deep sleep are key factors for health, which is basic principle and philosophy of Kanuda.
Kanuda started from physical therapy department at medical clinic at small village in Jungmun, Jeju Island in June, 2005. Light acupuncture for clear brain was the first step to give birth to Kanuda. It was started to develop a product which can enable patients manage their health by themselves as a physical therapist.

After releasing light acupuncture for clear brain in February, 2007 for the first time, only one to three were sold. As time passed, by words of mouth and support from health-related experts, today’s Kanuda could be recognized.
The accumulated sales volume of Kanuda product in December, 2014 was over 400,000 pieces. It had been loved a lot. The motto of Kanuda aims to provide with the product which can support mind and body for more innovative and healthier lives.
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JowX Connector
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World’s Easiest & Safest Wire Connection
UNIXON Pty Ltd. is the distributor of the JOW CONNECTOR in Australia, New Zealand and region. Technological progress in connecting the electric wires, however, has been slow, if not stagnant, where the traditional methods of stripping, splicing and taping have been the effective work process, which caused many pains, injuries and fire hazards to the users. Even the new waves of technological advancement in the electronics and modularisation of the electrical components could not entirely dispense the conventional way of the old wire connection, which remains as the most common method of connecting electric wires throughout the world. JOW CONNECTOR is a revolutionary patent product, which eliminates the cumbersome tasks while protecting the users from the risks of being exposed to electric shock. Wire connection technique using JOW CONNECTOR has proven to be more than five times efficient and economical than the traditional methods. JOW CONNECTOR patents are based on the proprietary technology of “non-stripping and multi-contact point” electrical connectors. We call it “Insulation Displacement Technology with Multiple Connection Points”, or IDTMC. IDTMC could be applied in almost all walks of modern industries where electricity is used; such as construction, automotive, electronics, aerospace, shipbuilding, advertising, lighting, home appliances, defence, LED, telecommunication, power generation & transmission, etc. Industrial application of our technology is almost endless.
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Think Big. We make future.
Softline is a software company based in Brisbane, Australia, which produces brain synchronisation. These include a digital service offering neuroscience-based guided meditations, and Sleep Stories, which are available online and via an app. "Sleep” area of the app gives users access we offering music and sound effects, with the aim of helping adult listeners to sleep. we also have patented technology about neuroscience.
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