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jowx connector unixonjowx connector unixonjowx connector unixon
We are happy to make an announcement to our existing distributors and potential partners that our JowX Connectors are now finally certified in accordance with AS/NZ Standard as the exclusive distributor Australia, New Zealand and the regions.

To test the product to match AS/NZ standard code was time consuming process, even it has CE, ETL, PSE international certifications. (The technology, Non-Stripping Wire Connector called the Jow Connector is a new connector designed for wire wire-to-wire connections without having to strip and splice wires together.Jow connectors are the newest electrical wire connectors with new technology in the world.) -(not relevant)
It was a challenge to find the lab which is capable of running the test with appropriate scope and test equipment. Our current accreditated test lab is in oversea, they did test our product under Australian standards criteria and has been approved.We met a lot of buyers and visitors through National Maufacturing Week in Sydney, Traders Electrical Industry Show in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Electronex 2014 in Sydney. Most of them see the Jow connector novel and potential in the market.We are sure that with newly accredited AUS standard, the distributors will be able to strengthen their point of recommending the Jow connectors to the consumer as to how it can be beneficial and is safe to use at the same time.
water proof housing
jowx connector water proof housing